2016-2017 SCRIP SALES!

In-Person Sales
8:00-8:30 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
& Friday from 12:20-1:00

Order by 3pm on Mondays
Pick up or Delivery is on Fridays
(School holidays on Mondays or Fridays may delay things)
We also sell outside the church from 9am-10am on Sundays
Download the Scrip Order Form

Two Ways to Pre-Order:

  • Order your scrip online through Return a copy of your order with your check to the office on Monday. *Create a family shopping account by using HNM school code: 9189LED86727 **Presto Pay: As a convenience, you may link your own checking account to purchase scrip, which then allows you to order and print scrip to your printer by using ScripNOW! and even Reload your current cards with more money. We will be happy to help you set up an account.
  • Use an order form and turn it in with a check in the blue envelope

Your Weekly Order will be fulfilled and either sent with your Designated Student (The Authorization/Release Form is required) or held at the Scrip Sales Office for pick-up after school on Friday. To ensure you get what you want, you are encouraged to use the Envelope System.

Visit for a listing of all scrip available – the Order Sheet only has frequently purchased items – much more is available!!

Be sure you and your friends have signed up atwww.escrip.comtoo!

It is just THAT EASY!

Don't forget to tell your friends we have gift cards!
Those extra orders add up and it does not cost you anything!

Thank you for supporting your HNM Scrip Fundraising Program.

If you have any scrip questions, please call the hotline at 909-542-0449 x229

Contact us
124 S. San Dimas Canyon Road
San Dimas, CA 91773

School Phone: (909) 542-0449
Fax Number: (909) 592-3884
Connnect with us:Facebook